As I completed my garden paintings, the flowers morphed into triangular shapes and the
                               foliage of leaves and plants became calligraphy.

                               I am now interested in light as it plays out with calligraphy and angular forms.

                               I am intrigued by how the edges of my calligraphic forms cut and accent the ground and
                               act as light sources.  I accent them with triangles which contrast with the curves of the

                               I use three or four inch brushes on a white gesso ground and perform a gesture sometimes
                               slow and lyrical and sometimes with bravado.  I keep working with layers of calligraphy.
                               I refine the layers with a #2 sable brush because I'm aiming for absolute clarity.
                               Then I apply the triangles which act as counter points to the movement of the calligraphy.
                               When I finish, I apply a deep ground color to display the two elements.

                               My work is influenced by many sources.  Among them is de Kooning, Joan Mitchell,
                               contemporary Japanese art, Tantra art, art from India and the American Marvel Comics Group. 


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© 2008, Barbara Coleman